Enrolment Agreement Form

PERSONAL DETAILS (Legal name as per photo ID, which will need to be sighted to verify legal name)



Inclass Agreement

am a student with Knights College in the course of:
will be in attendance at the College for the duration of the course/program from
The conditions for which I will agree upon are listed below and I understand that if I breach any condition whilst in training, I understand that I could be terminated from the course and required to leave the College until further notice. I agree to the following, tick beside each term which states you understand that term.

Do you consent to this?

Mobile Phones are to be switched off during class time.

I have read and understood the information given in the student handbook which can be accessed Online at:


If you are a temporary resident, Knights College requires a VEVO check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online Check)

I sign this document in the total understanding that non-compliance could see me removed from the course/program and I further understand that in some cases a report may be lodged with the Licensing and Regulation Division of the Victoria Police

Public Liability Waiver

I acknowledge that l am enrolled in the above Course with Knights College that has physical activities that may include Self-defence, role plays, scenarios, and other activities.

I understand that l must not do any act or assist another person in doing any act that may put me or any other person’s health or welfare at risk of harm or any danger.

Due to the nature of the physical activity l maybe exposed to potential risks of in

I understand that by ticking YES and signing this form Knights College /staff/trainers/contractors or any venue owner associated with Knights College, cannot be held liable for any injury that l may sustain due to myself or another participant’s or any other person’s accident, mistakes or negligence, which may result in an injury to myself or another person. This includes any form of pain and/or


If you do not wish to participate in any physical activities, that may include self-defence, role plays, scenarios, activities at your own risk
YOU MUST TICK NO in Question (2) BELOW and then sign this form.

If you would like to participate in physical activities, that may include Self-defence, role plays, scenarios, activities tick YES and then sign
this form.



By signing this form l agree not to hold Knights College liable for any injury that l may sustain when participating in physical activities that may include self-defence, role plays, scenarios, and other activities.


Enrolment & Selection (5.3)

  1. The student is responsible for notifying Knights College if they have a medical condition or disability or require assistance in their training.
  2. A deposit must accompany enrolment to secure a placement within a course; this fee is also the Administration Fee.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to note the date, time and location of the course as advertised.
  4. Courses with low enrolments maybe cancelled, every effort will be made to contact students, please ensure your contact details are correct.
  5. Requests from the student to transfer or credit their course placement due to changed personal circumstances will be considered and every effort will be made to ensure a placement into an alternative course.
  6. If you are unable to complete your course due to changed personal circumstances, Knights College will make every effort to ensure you are placed into an alternative pre-scheduled course.
  7. Students can only join after course commencement date if they meet all prerequisites. Full course fees are still payable for late enrolments.
  8. Knights College reserves the right to decline admission to a course, terminate a student’s enrolment in a class or change a Trainer/Assessor at any time without notice.
  9. Students participate in courses involving physical activity; field trips, practical demonstrations etc. and do so at their own risk. Knights College students are covered by public liability insurance whilst working within the RTO’s premises.

Course Fees, Payments and Refunds (5.3)

Any student request for are fund must be made inwriting to Knights College. The official refund request date will be the date Knights College receives this request in writing, as determined by Knights College. Knights College strongly recommends email requests for refunds are supported by a phone call to ensure receipt of your email.  REFUND POLICY ALL REFUNDS INCUR A $150.00 administration fee for full fee paying students NO REFUNDS FOR SKILLS FIRST ELIGIBLE STUDENTS. All Refunds made to

Knights college will incur an administration fee of $150. Our Refunds policy is subject to the following conditions below: 

  • If you advise Knights College in writing no less than 3 working days prior to the commencement of your course we will provide a full refund minus the above administration fee.
  • Where students have been asked to leave the classroom and not re join for behavioural reasons the above refund policy will also apply. • No payments nor refunds will be made to students from any government or third party funding.

In cases where you have been deemed eligible to receive a refund, refunds will be processed within 2 weeks of receiving the written request.

The method of making a refund payment to a student will be by direct payment to account of student listed on the enrolment form. Refunds will be made only in $AUD. This means students will be responsible for any local bank fees or exchange rate costs associated with exchanging their refund.

Any  request to receive  are  fund  by another method can  be  requested for special consideration but may also come with addition administration fees to cover bank charges or additional processing and handling.

Refunds will  not be  made  to  third  parties  unless  you  have  requested  and authorised the refund in writing.

Cooling Off Period – 5.3

Students are eligible to cancel their enrolment by placing a formal notice of cancellation in writing to Knights College Manager (a letter or email is acceptable) within 10 business days of enrolment, without attracting a cancellation fee, unless the student has already commenced the training

Training Guarantee

Knights College will guarantee to complete all training and/ or assessment once the student has commenced study in their chosen qualification or course of study, unless the student submit a formal “Letter of Withdrawal” notifying Knights College that they wish to withdraw.If a student voluntarily drops out, this guarantee is valid for a maximum of six months from initial course commencement date. In the event of Knights College not being able to provide the training that the student has enrolled, Knights College will provide a full refund or pro-rata of any units not completed.

I have     read   and understand  the terms and conditions  of my enrolment, as stated above. I acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions of enrolment with specific reference to Knights College enrolment and selection, USI, course fees, payments and refunds, course requirements, Language Literacy and Numeracy requirements, complaints and appeals, Workplace Health and Safety, support services that will be provided for me, legislative and regulatory policies and procedures, which are also provided to me in the Student Handbook. By signing this document, I also give permission for Knights College to access my Unique Student

Identifier for the purpose of my training.

Consumer Guarantee

Knights College guarantees that the services provided by Knights College will be:

  • Provided with due care and skill
  • Fit for any specified purpose (express or implied)
  • Provided within a reasonable time(when no time frame is set for the training).

On the Enrolment Agreement Form the supply of services tats when the services will be provided and the date they will be completed. If the Enrolment Agreement Form does not include the dates, i.e. for RPL or on the job training, Knights College guarantees to supply the service within a reasonable timeframe. What is ‘reasonable’ will depend on the nature of the training and other relevant factors such as the students’ ability to complete the training and assessment.

What happens if this guarantee is not met?

In the first instance, the student should submit a complaint to Knights College identifying where Knights College has not met its requirements against the Consumer Guarantee, please refer to the Complaints and Appeals policy on Page 20 for how to submit a complaint.

If a student believes that Knights College has failed to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, he/she is entitled to aremedy – for example, are fund, a further service to rectify the problem and in some circumstances compensation for consequential loss. In line with the Complaints and Appeals process, Knights College will provide the appropriate remedy. If the problem is minor and can be fixed, Knights College will choose how to fix the problem.

Complaints and Appeals (6.1)

If a student is experiencing any difficulties, they are encouraged to discuss their concerns with Senior Management. Knights College administrative staff will make themselves available at a mutually convenient time if a student wishes to seek assistance.

If a Staff member or Student wishes to make a formal complaint, they are required to complete a Complaints and Appeals Form, which is included in the Student Handbook.

Once the form has been completed, the form should be submitted to Knights College for actioning. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details on the complaints and appeals process.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) (1.7)

LLN support is available to provide students with advice and support services in the provision of language, literacy and numeracy assessment services. Students needing assistance with their learning Is to be identified upon enrolment .Trainers and staff within Knights College can provide students with support to assist the student throughout the learning process.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills are generally included and identified in Training Packages and accredited course programs. In identifying language, literacy and numeracy requirements, students are required to have basic skills in:

  • Count, check and record accurately
  • Read and interpret
  • Estimate, calculate and measureAll students undertaking a Certificate III qualification or below are required to undertake an LLN Assessment.

Support Services (1.7)

Knights College  caters to diverse client learning needs and aims to identify and respond to the learning needs of all clients. Clients are encouraged to express their views about their learning needs at all stages of their learning experience from the initial enrolment and induction stage to course completion, through their trainer or Knights College staff.

Knights College is committed to providing clients requiring additional support, advice or assistance  while training. Please      see      the Student     Handbook      on      the types      of support provided by  Knights College.

To achieve this and to ensure the quality delivery of training and education, Knights College provides client vocational counselling to improve and extend training outcomes. Students are advised to make an appointment with their trainerinthe first instance, if required the student can then schedule an appointment with Knights College for further counselling and/or assistance.

This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, doesnot remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

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