Finding Accomodation

International students who choose to study in Australia have a large range of accommodation options from which to choose. Majority of students in Australia reside in one of the following accommodating types:

1. Homestay

Homestay programs involve an international student living with an Australian family in their home, and it is a great way for international students to fully integrate themselves into Australian life. These programs are popular with secondary students or students enrolled in short-term English courses. Single or shared rooms are generally available, and costs vary by type of room.

2. Hostel and Guest House Accommodation

Some international students may choose to stay in hostel or guest house accommodations. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared, and students cook for themselves in this type of accommodation. These accommodations tend to be cheaper than homestay accommodations. They also provide a valuable opportunity for social interaction amongst international students.

3. Rental Property

Many students in Australia choose to share the cost of a rental property with several housemates. Students who choose this type of housing may either move into a pre-established household, or they may set up a household with friends. Students generally have to provide some or all of the household’s furniture, as rental properties are rarely furnished. These accommodations usually require payment of rent in advance, as well as a security payment, which is generally equal to one month’s rent, paid up front.
International students are encouraged to arrive in Australia two to three weeks before the start of orientation so as to get situated before classes begin.

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